Our new website is responsive. It works on mobile devices and on the desktop. Please take a moment to learn how it works and where you’ll find the resources you want.

Please note our disclaimers and limitations.

Website Welcome

CHF BC is very pleased to announce the launch of our new website at

Not only is our new site responsive and easy to view on mobile devices, it’s the front door to all your member needs. You’ll find everything you need to keep your co-op community strong from member event registration and the latest news for housing co-ops, to high-value member resources like Model Rules and information about upcoming opportunities.

And we won’t stop there. Our website will continue to evolve in response to the changing needs of our growing community of members to provide education on co-op best practices, tools you can use and accurate and up-to-date information for the public.

Member Questions?

We actually have a couple of options to help you. If your question is commonly asked, you may find an answer on our Frequently Asked Question page. For more complicated questions, you can reach us through email and phone. Maybe the best way to contact us with your questions is through our website inquiry form. We reply to members promptly.

Member inquiry form


Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our website.

Navigate using the MENU function at the top right-hand of the page (beside the three, parallel horizontal lines). You can log in to access resources for CHF BC members, or make a keyword search. Several of the subject areas have sub-items (for example, “Flooring”, under the “Group Buying” category). Click the main categories to expand the lists marked by the small triangles.

Registering for the Website

If you don't have an account already, it's easy to set one up if you're part of a CHF BC member organization. Just click on the "Register" button at the bottom of the menu (at the right) or click the link below.

You’ll see a form requesting your name, email address and the member organization you belong to. Your request will be processed as soon as possible.

Most of the website is open to anyone, but you’ll see more if you’re logged in.

If you run into registration problems, contact

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Accessing Resources

We restrict access to our online Resources to CHF BC members.

You will need a member account to see these materials. It’s easy to register, but you need to be a member of a housing co-op (or other organization) that’s a member of CHF BC. If your housing co-op isn’t a CHF BC member, please contact us for more information on how to join and how membership can save you money.

Privacy Statement

CHF BC respects the privacy of our members. In order to improve our services, we may need to collect personal information from our members.

Members have the right to refuse to provide information, or to withdraw consent to use data that’s been collected about them. To review how the information we collect is used, managed and stored…

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