Rochdale: The First Consumer Co-op

  13 April 2023

Our friends at The Youth Excellence Society (The YES) are deeply rooted in the co-operative movement. To help educate their youth participants about this topic, they created an animated video titled The First Consumer Co-op: The True Story of the Rochdale Pioneers. Co-operators funded this project.

The First Consumer Co-op

Please watch and share the video. You can also show this video at a general meeting, or for education in you co-op or organization.

Video Summary

The First Consumer Co-op: The True Story of the Rochdale Pioneers

In 1844, workers in Rochdale, England were suffering from poor working conditions and low wages while factory owners were prospering. A group of 28 workers decided to work together to open their own store, providing vital goods at fair prices to their members. They accomplished something extraordinary and eventually formed the first consumer co-op, which operated a healthy business with over a thousand members and branches in other parts of the town. The Rochdale Pioneers’ co-operative principles are the basis for the 7 international principles of co-ops used today.

The YES Camp Sponsorship Draw

The YES is a Vancouver Island based leadership program. It serves British Columbia teens through overnight summer camps, school workshops and online courses.

For over 45 years, they have been providing a unique learning experience for over 15,000 youth across BC. The YES is a charitable organization that has no religious affiliation. It is supported through the province’s co-operative and credit union movement.

a group of campers sitting on a field laughing.

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