Strategic Priorities 2030: Envision a Strong Future with Us

  11 April 2024

Help shape the future of co-operative housing in BC! Join us as we envision new strategic priorities for CHF BC to 2030 and beyond! Let’s work together to build a strong future for our sector.

🏠 Building Success Together

The past five years at CHF BC mark a period of remarkable growth. With your support, we’ve built new co-op homes, expanded services to members, and strengthened our reputation as a community housing leader with governments. Co-op housing is now recognized as a vital solution to the housing crisis.

🌟 Guiding Our Journey

Our current strategic priorities—directing us until 2025—supports this progress. It encourages us to build new and protect existing co-op homes. It empowers us to advocate effectively for new government funding and programs that benefit our members. And it guides us to promote belonging among our members and prioritize sustainability in our communities. Working with our members over the past five years, CHF BC has nurtured strong and resilient co-op housing communities where everyone feels at home. In doing so, we have become an inspiration for other federations across Canada.

🚀 Envisioning a Strong Future

It is now time to update our strategic direction. In today’s ever-changing economic, political, and social landscape, we can’t rest on past performance. We need ambitious new goals to propel us 2030 and beyond. To do this, we need the voices of our members, directors, staff, and supporters to help create a compelling vision for what comes next.  Your voice is a vital part of this mix. Don’t miss this chance to share your concerns, ideas, and dreams to guide CHF BC’s collective future.

🙋🏽 Your Voice Matters

Don’t miss out on this chance to shape the future of co-op housing in B.C.! RSVP for a 2030 collaboration session with the CHF BC board and staff on either May 13 or May 23.
Both sessions will take place on Zoom, from 5 to 8 p.m. PDT.

🎉 Shape our Future, Win Prizes!

While we hope that taking part is it’s own reward, we know that everybody likes to win things! So we’ve teamed up with our group buying partners to offer each person who participates in a collaboration session a chance win exciting prizes!