Urgent🚨 Support WISHS Co-op During their Elevator Revamp

  2 April 2024

WISHS Housing Co-operative is home to 36 low-income single women aged 45-64— or younger with disabilities.👩‍🦽 The Kitsilano co-op is embarking on a critical elevator modernization project from June to August.🔧 During this period, they will require the support of the co-op housing community. 🫶

WISHS Housing Co-operative

The Challenge

Many of WISHS’ members face mobility challenges and have difficulty with stairs. While the elevator project is underway, they will have difficulty accessing vital services like laundry and groceries. The co-op is seeking help to ensure uninterrupted access to these—and other—necessities during this crucial period. 👵

What They Need

The co-op urgently needs both permanent and short-term accessible homes to accommodate their members. 🏡

Call to Action

Does your co-=op have available homes for WISHS members with accessibility needs? Reach out to Haysie Chan at wsh@coho.bc.ca or 604-879-5771, Ext.183 if you will have any accessible homes available between June and August, or beyond. 📢

Let’s apply Co-op Principle 6* to ensure no member of our co-op community is left behind due to accessibility needs! 🤝

Together, we can make a real difference. Thank you for your support. 🙌

* Co-operative Principle 6: Co-operation Among Co-operatives: Co-operatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the cooperative movement by working together.