Winter 2024

  29 January 2024

In this issue, learn more about food waste, creating green space at your co-op, and pests and invasive species.

Reducing Food Waste

Did you know? An estimated half or more of food produced in Canada is lost or wasted. The reasons are many, from factors that impact famers to norms or standards about what produce “should” look like to what happens in stores and homes.

Strategies to divert food waste can include distributing “ugly” produce (like Ugly Potato Day!) or surplus food. Learn more via National Zero Waste Council’s Love Food Hate Waste initiative or check out the Food Matters Action Kit!

Gearing Up for Spring

It might not seem like it, but spring is slowly creeping closer! (Okay, very slowly.) If you or your co-op already has garden space – or maybe you’re thinking about it – here are some things to consider:

Managing Pests & Invasive Species

Changing seasons can mean more critters visiting or an unfamiliar bug or plant appearing. What now?

Energy Use Tracking Incentives

Aiming for a more sustainable future for your co-op? Understand your current energy use and track the impact of changes with energy benchmarking. Co-ops that are Vancity members may also be eligible for financial incentives. Get started here.