Small Sustainability Grants

Greener Co-op Microgrants

Housing co-ops that are members of CHF Canada can apply for funding to help green their co-op communities. Greener Co-op Microgrants offer funding for small projects led by co-ops that support sustainability and help protect the environment.

Projects funded in the past include community gardens, rain barrels, EV charging stations, and more.

CHF Canada accepts grant requests for $500 to $4,000. Eligible items include materials, supplies, equipment, and contractor and consultant fees.

For more information, visit The program has a limited intake period for applications, so make sure to check later in the year for the next application round!

The Greener Co-op Microgrants program is supported by numerous sector organizations and those with a sustainability focus, including CHF BC, Encasa Financial, and more.

Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grants

Have an idea to connect neighbours, build community, and support environmental goals?

Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grants are provided through a partnership between the Vancouver Foundation and the City of Vancouver to help Vancouver become the greenest city in the world.

Community members living in Vancouver neighbourhoods can apply for up to $500 to fund projects that support the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan goals. These goals include growing local food, reducing our carbon footprint, creating zero waste, and more.

Learn more about applying and get inspired by stories from past project leaders here:

Green Kickstarter Fund

There is no shortage of signs that nature is increasingly in crisis, and the Community Housing Transformation Centre believes that community housing can be a leader in pursuing approaches and projects to reduce pressure on the planet.

The Centre’s Green Kickstarter Fund, launched in April 2022, offers small grants of up to $10,000 per organization (or $15,000 for organizations in the North) for projects that directly impact the sector’s environmental footprint. Non-profit housing providers, including housing co-ops, and tenant associations are eligible to apply.

Potential projects can range from community gardens and water saving measures to energy efficiency improvements and EV charger installation.

Applications open April 28, 2022 and the deadline is June 10. To learn more, visit