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  14 November 2022   

Join CHF BC’s Climate Emergency Task Force

We’re looking for people who are keen to get involved and passionate about housing co-ops. Applicants must be from CHF BC member organizations.

  12 September 2022   

Benchmarking for Environmental Sustainability

We’re pleased to announce a new service to help CHF BC members measure and track energy use.

"Benchmarking" may not sound that exciting, but it’s definitely something we’re thinking about and excited to promote. It fits well with our shared concern for environmental sustainability.

  26 January 2022   

Vacancies on CHF BC’s Climate Emergency Task Force

CHF BC is inviting applications from members interested in serving on the Climate Emergency Task Force. Applications are due by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, February 21, 2022.

  14 December 2021   

New Model Sustainability Policy

Co-op decisions impact the environment and are impacted by the environment. Does your co-op have an overall direction on how to sustainably approach its operations and long-term planning? Consider adopting a sustainability policy! Sustainability can touch on almost all aspects of a co-op’s operations. More than with most policies, a sustainability policy sets out how … Continued

  29 July 2021   

New Sustainability Newsletter Launched!

CHF BC is pleased to introduce its first Sustainability Newsletter.  This will be a quarterly communication that looks at the environment, with a focus on housing co-ops and the work of CHF BC’s Climate Emergency Task Force.

  16 April 2021   

How co-ops can tackle climate change – An interview with Kathryn Sheps

In 2020, CHF BC created a Climate Emergency Task Force to address climate concerns among our co-op communities, and share knowledge, resources and strategies that can be implemented in co-ops throughout B.C.

We had a chance to talk to Task Force member Kathryn Sheps about her work in delivering measures to address climate change, how co-ops can do their part – and most importantly, how we can stay enthusiastic about the work during an already challenging tim