The YES Cooperation Media Club

  12 January 2022

Our friends at The YES (Youth Excellence Society)—organizers of the popular YES Summer Camp—are organizing another exciting event for youth between 15-20. The YES Cooperation Media Club Stream will be especially interesting to youth living in housing co-operative,

Their goal is to bring together youth from across the provinces to discuss topics like empathy, perspective building, leadership, and co-operation. Through curated lists of some favourite TedTalks, podcasts, videos, documentaries, articles, and more, The YES will be facilitating important conversations about relevant topics with the help of today’s most creative, innovative, and caring leaders and thinkers – our youth!

So much of our world is framed around competition, but it’s amazing to think about all the ways that cooperation is present in our lives. What would it look like to think about nature, human beings, our economy, leadership, and human nature as co-operative? How would that affect our connection to nature, to others, to our work and our choices?

The YES Cooperation Media Club Stream will introduce youth to exciting new ideas, stories, information and theories that will open up new possibilities for the way they (and by extension, we) think about the world.

Cost: $125  $750

The Co-ops Stream has been generously subsidized in cost by Co-operators.

If you are in need of further financial support, please fill in a Subsidy Request Form

Meeting Dates:
  • Tuesday January 25th, 6:30-8PM PST
  • Tuesday February 8th  6:30-8PM PST
  • Tuesday February 22nd, 6:30-8PM PST
  • Tuesday March 8th, 6:30-8PM PST
  • Tuesday March 22nd, 6:30-8PM PST
  • Tuesday April 5th, 6:30-8PM PST


Registration for this program is currently open. Click the button above and login/create an account to register.

Registration will close once spots are filled or on January 21st.​

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More Information

Your Commitment
  • Commit to consuming 2-4 hours of media every two weeks for six sessions.
  • Participate in virtual conversations with other youth and YES facilitators talking about the media.
  • Virtual meetings are 1.5 hours long.
  • Work independently or with others on a final project using your biggest Media Club takeaways.
Program Benefits
  • Level One Leadership Certificate from The YES Leadership Academy. Please note that in order to receive a Leadership Certificate, participants must attend at least six of the eight sessions.
  • Connections with youth from around the province.
  • Reference letters for future volunteer and job opportunities. 
  • A chance to build self-development, strengthen mental wellness and engage in meaningful conversations. 
Who’s It For?
  • ​15-20 year olds from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Alberta
  • No prior YES Camp experience required 
  • Youth looking to amp up their leadership and self-awareness skills as well as their resumes and professional portfolios


If you have any questions about our program or the registration process, please connect with The YES at or 604-960-1377.