Winter Weather Reminder

  16 December 2021

As the winter weather continues, with larger than usual amounts of snow and ice, many co-ops will experience waste and recycling service delays. CHF BC member co-ops are on a list of “priority sites” and the moment that your service provider is able to get to you, they will.

To help facilitate the timely pick of of your waste, recycling, and compost, please keep your co-ops garbage and recycling area clear of snow and ice. This will avoid any disruption to waste and recycling services over the winter months.  In particular, co-ops should ensure that

  • The area up to bin must be shoveled and salted
  • Any extra waste must be placed beside the bin, not in front (this will hinder servicing what is in the bin)
  • The co-op appoints someone to reload the bin once emptied (if there is extra waste). Your waste and recycling service provider will return for the rest as soon as possible.

To help keep your waste and recycling areas clear of ice, CHF BC’s maintenance supplies partner, RONA has exclusive deals on salts and ice melters on now and throughout the winter. See the flyer below for details.

Click image for full size PDF