Anxiety – What It Is, Ways to Cope, and How to Help Others – Fall Education Conference – October 21, 2021

Workshop Intro:

In this workshop, Janet will discuss something that all of experience, namely anxiety.  She will review causes of anxiety, different ways that people experience anxiety and options people have to cope with these symptoms.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. What is anxiety?
  2. Normalizing anxiety as something that each of us experiences
  3. Impacts to our health from anxiety
  4. Causes of anxiety
  5. Types of anxiety
  6. Substance use and anxiety
  7. Using empathy as a way to communicate with someone who’s feeling anxious
  8. Strategies for coping and managing anxiety

Workshop Date:

Workshop Location:

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Janet Bertrand


Janet Bertrand graduated from the school of Psychiatric Nursing in 1993. Since then, she has worked in a variety of settings including acute psychiatry, residential mental health, community nursing supporting those with serious and persistent mental health conditions, and mental health emergency services. Her most recent role within the health authority was supporting individuals who did not fit into current Mental Health Services and were dealing with a variety of issues including significant mental health, substance use and homelessness.

In the last six years, she’s been working with BC Housing as their Health and Housing Nurse. She’s been supporting their directly managed sites, as well as different non-profit housing providers and spent the majority of time supporting homelessness services in a variety of communities.