Building a Co-operative Community – Fall Education Conference: Oct 31, 2020

Workshop Intro:

Afternoon workshop: 1:15 to 3:00 p.m.

Are you looking for tools to bring your co-op closer together? In this workshop we will explore what the co-op principles mean to you, how
they connect to the work being done in your co-op, and what we can all do to strengthen our individual relationships and our community.

This webinar is part of our first virtual Fall Education Conference.

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Workshop Duration:
2 Hrs

Ruby Carrico


Facilitator: Ruby Carrico
Born and raised in Vancouver, Ruby grew up in a housing co-op and has carried the principles of inclusion and community connection that she learned there into the rest of her life and work.

Ruby is currently working with Community Land Trust (CLT) as their Community Engagement Manager, and recently completed a Masters of Community and Regional Planning, with a focus on Indigenous Community Planning.

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