Building Better Relationships with CHF Canada’s Reconciliation Toolkit

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10:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

This engaging workshop hosted by CHF Canada will walk participants through their reconciliation toolkit and explain why reconciliation is important for co-ops.

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2 Hrs

Tina Stevens (CHF Canada) and Patricia Tessier (CHF Canada)


The housing cooperative sector is on a journey to both strengthen our engagement with reconciliation and to support each member, individual and housing co-ops in their own work on reconciliation. This workshop considers the possibility for a better relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians. We will take you through the new CHF Canada Reconciliation Toolkit (pdf), reflect on the issues and look at practical ways to use the Toolkit with your co-op.


Tina Stevens, Native Inter-Tribal Housing Co-operative, is the president of CHF Canada. She has dedicated her life to Aboriginal leadership, both in and out of the co-op housing context. Her contribution includes advocacy for an Aboriginal seat on the CHF Canada board while living at Native Inter-Tribal Housing Co-operative, tenure as first Aboriginal community director for CHF Canada and work as second director appointed to the Ontario Council. Throughout her roles, Tina has maintained a belief that housing co-ops provide a safe family environment for members to connect with their culture and community, maintain self-respect and respect for Mother Earth, find employment, access higher education and nurture the seeds for future generations.

Tina is an Algonquin-Ojibwe woman from Kitigan Zibi, Kettle and Stoney Point, who has lived in London, Ontario her whole life. She has three strong sons and attributes her energy to having been raised by a strong mother, a great elder in her own community.

Patricia Tessier, CHF Canada, oversees CHF Canada’s co-operative services, enterprise services, education, and events, including the Annual Meeting, spring member forums and regional education events. She also enjoys volleyball, swimming, and spending time with her three sons.