Collaborative Leadership

Workshop Intro:

Join Tamarack Learning Centre’s Liz Weaver as we explore the collaborative leadership journey.  We will also focus on the mindsets and skillsets which are essential for collaborative leadership.

Workshop Date:

Workshop Location:
Westin Wall Centre, Richmond & Online

Workshop Type:

Workshop Duration:
3 Hrs

Liz Weaver


The premise of collaborative leadership is: if you bring the appropriate people together as peers in constructive ways, with good content and context information, they will create authentic visions and strategies for addressing the shared concerns of the organization and the collaborative.

In the co-operative housing movement, we work collaboratively with others for the good of the cooperative. Collaborative leadership is about building connections, trust, navigating power and creating deep and meaningful engagement opportunities. This workshop will focus on the people and connection side of collaborative leadership.

The session goals include:
• Define collaborative leadership and assess your readiness to engage in collaborative leadership
• Identify how to build your capacity to engage in collaborative leadership
• Expand your understanding of the role of trust in effective collaboration
• Identify strategies for building, and repairing, trust
• Build adaptive capacity to navigate the human and collaborative dimensions of leadership

Workshop Participant Learning Outcomes:
• Understand the different types of leadership with a focus on collaborative leadership
• Identify the mindsets and skillsets required for effective collaborative leadership
• Develop your personal collaborative leadership story

This workshop is online only