Opening Plenary – Fall Education Conference – October 18, 2021

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6:15pm – 7:15pm

From Mindless to Mindful

This plenary will provide listeners who are recuperating from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic with a deeper dive into mindfulness. Dena will look into participants’ existing wellness routine whether it’s advanced or non-existent, engage in an interactive discussion and conclude with a group meditation.

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Dena Jackson


Dena Jackson is a comedian and wellness speaker. Her writing is regularly featured on the CBC and her stand-up has been featured at the Just for Laughs 42 Festival and on Sirius Xm Radio. Dena completed her 200-hour hatha yoga teacher training at Kashish Yoga School in Goa, India and she is also a certified Mindfulness Instructor. Dena enjoys using her comedic ability to share beneficial mental health practices that can be added to our daily routines and her talks are specifically designed to help anyone struggling with anxiety and post-pandemic stress.