Rental Assistance Program (RAP) – Spring Education Conference, April 24, 2021

Workshop Intro:

1 to 3 p.m.

In November 2020, CHF BC facilitated a virtual townhall on the new CMHC Rental Assistance Program (also known as Federal Community Housing Initiative – Phase 2, or FCHI-2) for housing co-ops reaching the expiration of their federally administered Operating Agreements. Representatives from The Agency for Co-operative Housing, Cana Management, COHO Management and CHF BC joined online to share the information about the new program and to answer questions submitted by co-op members. In this session, you will be able to ask any new or follow up questions about Rental Assistance Program to the panel of experts, including questions about the Temporary Rental Assistance Program that is about to launch on April 1.

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Lisa Berting, Tanya Serebryana, Francesca Sorace


Lisa Berting has worked at Cana Management since 1996. She currently holds the position of Manager of Financial Services, overseeing the production of monthly financial reports, annual audit, annual budgets, and housing charge calculations for all Cana clients.   She was on the CHF BC board for 6 years, and is currently the treasurer of the CHF Canada board.

Tanya Serebryana is currently Senior Training Coordinator with COHO Management Services Society. Since December 2010, when Tanya joined the COHO team, she has brought a sound level of knowledge, high technical skills and a vast array of experience.

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