Looking Ahead – The Social Impact of Housing Co-operatives

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1:00 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.

Learn about how CHF BC will be supporting its members to tackle global challenges such as climate change, inequality, justice, and policy in support of more co-op housing!

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0.75 Hrs

Kathryn Sheps (Yew Street Housing Co-operative), Yuri Artibise (CHF BC), Tiffany Duzita (Community Land Trust), and Garfield Hunter (CHF BC)


We want a sustainable future for all of BC’s housing co-ops and our strong united voice can deliver housing security and social justice. How is CHF BC going to support its members tackle global challenges such as climate change, inequality, justice, and policy in support of more co-op housing?


Kathryn Sheps, Yew Street Housing Co-operative, is a non-profit and research management professional and marine scientist with expertise in earth and ocean sciences, renewable energy and climate change. She is passionate about about systems-thinking, innovation and partnership building. Kathryn is the vice-chair of CHF BC's Climate Emergency Task Force (CETF).

Yuri Artibise, CHF BC, is the Communications Director for CHF BC. After his role as board member for many years, most recently serving as treasurer, Yuri is known to many long term members of CHF BC. He is an experienced co-operative leader who has served the co-operative housing sector in many capacities. In addition to his CHF BC board work, Yuri’s co-operative housing involvement includes being a original resident member, and serving on the inaugural board, of First Avenue Athletes Village Housing Co-operative in Vancouver, where he now serves as treasurer. Yuri also serves on the board of Rooftops Canada, as CHF Canada’s western representative.

Tiffany Duzita, Community Land Trust, is the executive director of the Community Land Trust. She is responsible for operations and execution on the strategic direction and growth plans of the organization. As an accomplished real estate professional, she brings substantial experience and leadership to the CLT to build upon its mission to create, preserve and steward permanently affordable homes in diverse and mixed-income communities.


Garfield Hunter, CHF BC, is CHF BC's Education Director. He is an urban planner with over 9 years of diverse knowledge and leadership experience in urban redevelopment planning, climate change, housing, social equity, and sustainability education. Garfield has led the development and implementation of strategic research, policy, programs, and projects geared towards improving the lives of marginalized and equity-seeking communities.