Strategic Planning A, B, Cs – NEW

Workshop Intro:

‘A’ stands for ‘alignment’, B for ‘board governance’ and ‘C’ for ‘clarity’. Critical for any organization, learn about the components required for strategic planning, find out the difference between this and an operational plan, and identify the next steps for strategic planning at your co-op.

9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Co-operative Housing Education Conference – Westin Wall Centre, Richmond.

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Workshop facilitator: Rosemary Holmes from Vantage Point.

Rosemary is an experienced facilitator and trainer working with both societies and co-operatives in BC.  In this workshop you will learn about the importance of strategic plans to provide high-level direction. This workshop, not specific to housing co-ops, will:

  • Evaluate the differences between a strategic plan and an operational plan.
  • Outline the different types of environmental scans and their role in effective preparation for strategic planning.
  • Describe the five components of a strategic plan for your organisation: vision, mission, success, strategic goals and values.
  • Define the role of the board in preparing for and developing a strategic plan.


Workshop Date:

Workshop Location:
Westin Wall Centre, Richmond

Workshop Type:

Workshop Duration:
3 Hrs

Rosemary Holmes