The Right Fit: Accessible housing for wheelchair users

Workshop Intro:

10:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

In this workshop, presenters will describe the mandate and activities of The Right Fit, a multi-partner service designed to address the crisis in wheelchair accessible housing by matching scarce affordable, accessible homes and independent living supports for people with disabilities in the Greater Vancouver region. The workshop will discuss the definitions of accessible housing, the unique challenges wheelchair users face when searching for accessible homes, and the role housing providers can play in improving housing accessibility in British Columbia.

Workshop Date:

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Paul Gauthier, Isabelle Groc, Chris Hofley, Jana Husseini


Paul Gauthier is the Founder and Executive Director, Individualized Funding Resource Centre Society (IFRC). Paul’s responsibility is program development for the IFRC and in collaboration with other organizations and municipalities in the province. He oversees all financial operations, and government resources.

Chris Gofley is the Co-Founder and Director of Operations, Individualized Funding Resource Centre Society (IFRC). Chris brings over 20 years of combined business and personal support experience. In addition to his career in the banking industry, Chris continues to give much of his time to mentoring young people with disabilities through various community and educational programs. Chris has also spent 20 years counselling people with addiction through various programs in the Lower Mainland.

Isabelle Groc is the Right Fit Coordinator (Disability Alliance BC). Isabelle is an experienced communications and outreach engagement professional and has led numerous storytelling-driven public campaigns to create impact and raise awareness on behalf of various non-profit organizations. Isabelle is passionate about creating content that inspires community-driven, long-lasting change for vulnerable populations. Before joining the Right Fit, she has worked with women experiencing violence, vulnerable elders, and youth with learning disabilities.

Jana Husseini was born with Spina Bfida and started her career as a young disability advocate in 2006, when she joined the Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union (LPHU) where she has held several positions. Since then Jana has shown a significant enthusiasm for promoting rights of persons with disabilities to inclusion in Lebanon. She has led many of LPHU’s youth activities mobilizing disabled young women and men to get their voices heard, and thus advocate for rights to inclusion.

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