We Are Young – NEW

Workshop Intro:

Co-ops plan for the future through their capital and long-term planning, but how about planning for the co-op’s next generation? Does your co-op need an energy shift in its vision for the future? A lively and engaging youth panel will share their perspectives on, and aspirations for, the co-op community. Free registrations available for under 30s – see discounts listed on the conference flyer.

2:45 pm – 4:45 pm

Co-operative Housing Education Conference – Westin Wall Centre, Richmond.

For more details view the flyer here and to register visit the event listing.

Workshop moderator: Ed Dagsaan, Co-op Viability Advisor at CHF BC.

Workshop panelists:

  • Anika Vassell – I am from Misty Ridge Housing Co-op. I’ve been lucky to be a co-op member for 20 years. There’s a great sense of security and stability that we all get from living in co-ops. That is what makes them such amazing places to grow up, and grow into the best versions of ourselves as young people!
  • Cameron O’Hara – I am part of the beautiful La Petite Maison Co-op in the Champlain Heights area. Surrounded by friendly faces, mesmerizing sights, and cascading skies, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The best part of being a young member in a co-op is that I can help shape the future into something even more wondrous and fruitful than what we have currently. Youth are the future in co-operative housing, and it’s time we contribute to the solution of problems for an even better tomorrow.
  • Clarissa Sabile – I’ve lived at Killarney Gardens Housing Co-op for 6 years. Personally, the best thing about being a young member is possessing the opportunities to watch, learn and take part in co-op housing’s development.
  •  Sahara Shaik – I live at Wit’s End Housing Co-op. My prevailing values are community relationship, empowerment, participation & accountability. Being young helps me understand the common interest of other co-op members: to shape better community living, filled with energy & tirelessly working to a common goal of “united, safe & secure community living”.




Workshop Date:

Workshop Location:
Westin Wall Centre, Richmond

Workshop Type:

Workshop Duration:
2 Hrs

Moderator: Ed Dagsaan