Model Rules 2.0 launched

At the AGM on November 30, CHF BC delegates saw the launch of Model Rules 2.0 a bold new standard in housing co-op governance.

Members, staff, directors, co-op lawyers and managers have all played key roles in developing this new standard, and now we’re ready to share it with you.

Why new Model Rules?

CHF BC’s members have been using the original Model Rules and Occupancy Agreement for more than a decade.  Many members have told us that it’s the single most valuable resource the Federation has ever produced.

But times change, and good governance practices should change too.

Model Rules 2.0 is:

  • fully compliant with recent changes to the Co-operative Association Act
  • based on more than a decade of feedback from co-ops on what works in the original model and what doesn’t
  • built for today and for life after your CMHC operating agreement
  • written with the best co-op legal advice available today
  • simpler and easier to read and apply to the most common situations your co-op will face
  • full of fresh new ideas and approaches to good governance and principled leadership

What’s new?

In Model Rules 2.0 you’ll find:

  • clearer choices between co-op membership models and other options
  • a more up-to-date approach to issues like home businesses, member involvement, visitors, directors’ qualifications, elections, smoke-free housing, committees, and more
  • commentary to help you discuss the Rules and Occupancy Agreement with your members and make the best choices for your co-op

Follow the links to find out more and download Model Rules 2.0!