CHF BC has worked to create land trusts over three decades with a consistent mission: to support, preserve and expand co-operative and non-profit housing now and for the future. The Community Land Trust focuses on housing for low- and moderate-income households, serving as the real estate development arm of CHF BC.

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Community Land Trust Foundation

The Community Land Trust Foundation of BC is a non-profit society with a mission to acquire, create and preserve affordable housing for future generations. It has a particular focus on development and redevelopment projects.

The Community Land Trust‘s Director, Tiffany Duzita, is very active in pursuing the development of new co-ops. The Land Trust also works with existing co-ops to secure land and renew their buildings. Land Trust staff have experience in all aspects of a project life cycle: land acquisition, feasibility and risk management, finance, design, city approvals, and construction.

You can find out more about the Land Trusts at

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Bakerview Spotlight

In addition to creating new developments, the Community Land Trust works with existing co-ops to strengthen the sector. Bakerview Co-op, in Abbotsford, encountered challenges with finances and maintaining its buildings.

Through a creative and productive relationship with Community Land Trust, Bakerview accessed the expertise and the financing needed to re-mediate the co-op buildings.

As a result, the co-op is looking better than it has in years: the co-op was renovated and occupancy levels have returned to healthy levels. Having the assistance of the Community Land Trust has given new life to the 94-unit co-op.

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New Projects

The Community Land Trust is moving ahead with the development of more than a thousand homes in alliance with the Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency (VAHA). It's also developing housing on Vancouver Island and working with other groups to relocate, redevelop or expand their co-ops where members have decided that was in their interests.

These new homes will complement the hundreds of homes already within the Land Trust. You can see a mix of the old, the new, and the future in the slideshow. The Land Trust also works with non-profit societies to help them reach their goals as well. Within the next few years the Land Trust will be responsible for three thousand non-profit homes across BC.

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Fraserview Spotlight

Fraserview is one of the newer co-ops in BC, and an outcome of an innovative partnership among Community Land Trust, the City of Vancouver and other partner housing providers.

The co-op operates townhouses and a low-rise apartment building within steps of the Fraser River (at the base of Jellicoe Street). In total, the co-op has 90 pet-friendly homes, all of which are family-sized (having two or more bedrooms). The co-op is situated just west of the River District and its amenities.

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The Disability Trust

The Disability Trust is administered by the Community Housing Land Trust Foundation.

As part of joining a housing co-op, a new member must buy shares. The Disability Trust helps people with disabilities who are unable to pay for their shares immediately, by providing a loan with no fee or interest.

Download a copy of the Disability Trust information flyer or for more information email

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The Domestic Violence Relief Fund

The Domestic Violence Relief Fund (DVRF) is administered by the Community Housing Land Trust Foundation.

DVRF helps women who have experienced, or are at risk of, abuse, threats or violence. Like the Disability Trust, the DVRF provides loans with no fee or interest to qualified beneficiaries. For more information, download a copy of the Domestic Violence Relief Fund (DVRF) flyer or email:

If you know a woman who might be eligible for this fund and would like information about housing co-ops please get in touch.