The Community Land Trust (CLT) acquires, develops and stewards co-ops and community-led housing and spaces.  Our team of skilled industry leaders are aligned with our purpose and focused on creating and advocating for inclusive communities that members and residents are proud to call home. Established in 1993 by the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC (CHF BC), CLT is a social-purpose non-profit organization fostering diverse and sustainable communities and initiatives for today and tomorrow.

The CLT Story

CHF BC has worked to create land trusts over three decades with a consistent mission: to support, preserve and expand co-operative and non-profit housing now and for the future.

The Community Land Trust focuses on housing for low- and moderate-income households, serving as the real estate development arm of CHF BC.

Learn a little more about CLT in this video made in 2017 when its first major construction projects were underway (featuring the Sanford’s BRice building on Kingsway and Fraserview Housing Co-operative in southeast Vancouver).





CLT History

CLT began as an idea and saw acquisition of its first properties -- properties used by six housing co-operatives -- at the beginning of the millennium.

CLT’s first properties were originally provincially owned, but were transferred to CLT. A groundbreaking partnership with the City of Vancouver in 2012 was the catalyst for CLT’s growth and expansion, providing the scale needed to leverage additional opportunities and employ  innovative strategies for housing development.

CLT has gone on to expand to include both co-op and non-profit society homes with a presence on Vancouver Island, Metro Vancouver and the Interior. The CLT portfolio now includes more than 2,600 homes that we have acquired, built or redeveloped so that families and individuals with low to moderate incomes, across ages and abilities, have a great place to call home.

CLT Growth Timeline

We've come a long way in recent years. Here's a brief summary of CLT's growth timeline.

  • 1993-2000: In the Beginning (Co-op housing properties are first transferred into CLT)
  • 2012: The Breakthrough (City of Vancouver’s partnership brings new scale to CLT’s portfolio
  • 2017: Partners in Affordability (More co-op homes preserved with development potential on several sites)
  • 2018: New Growth (Large municipal and community partner investments)
  • 2019: New projects and co-op acquisitions. (Exploration of more partnerships with non-profit partners and municipalities.)


The CLT Team and Goals

CLT employs a committed team of professionals and is led by Executive Director, Tiffany Duzita. The CLT family includes development professionals and those with expertise in housing operations, maintenance, accounting and administration to support CLT's mission.

CLT projects are designed to meet local needs, whether by upgrading existing housing in partnership with resident communities or providing new homes, available to low and moderate income households. Some CLT sites also include business and community programming spaces. The aim is to foster inclusive communities that members and residents are proud to call home.

North Arm

North Arm Housing Co-operative is Vancouver's newest non-profit housing co-operative. It is aimed at members aged 55+ and its 58 homes are located at Fraser and East 19th Avenue.

North Arm is a welcoming, connected and inclusive neighbourhood with affordable housing for a secure long-term home. Located on historic Fraser Street, the co-op houses 58 new studio and one-bedroom homes within the seven-story building.  The co-op is built with sustainability in mind. Net Zero Ready, each unit is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, allowing homes to be cleaner and more comfortable.

North Arm is one of several new co-ops developed by the Community Land Trust. The 411 Seniors Centre Society has a seniors’ centre on the main floor, complete with commercial kitchen, multi-purpose space, and office space.

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CLT’s Portfolio

CLT owns and leases land for the long-term benefit of the community, to provide homes that can be enjoyed for generations to come. CLT owns low- and high-rise apartments and townhomes; a mix of co-op and other non-profit homes.

CLT accepts land and building transfers from the community housing sector — working with housing co-operatives and non-profit housing societies.  CLT also aims to expand housing options, through redevelopment and new projects.


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CLT Good Works

Community Land Trust administers two funds that reduce financial barriers to joining housing co-operatives: The Disability Trust and the Domestic Violence Relief Fund (DVRF).

As part of joining a housing co-op, a new member must buy shares. These two programs help certain people who are unable to pay for their shares immediately.

  • The Disability Trust helps people with disabilities who are unable to pay for their shares immediately, by providing a loan with no fee or interest. Download the Disability Trust information flyer or, for more information, email us.
  • The Domestic Violence Relief Fund (DVRF) helps women who have experienced, or are at risk of, abuse, threats or violence. Like the Disability Trust, the DVRF provides loans with no fee or interest to qualified beneficiaries. Download a copy of the DVRF flyer.  If you know a woman who might be eligible for this fund and would like information about housing co-ops please get in touch.

For more information on either program, please email us at:

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CLT Job Opportunities

The Community Land Trust employs a team of knowledgeable and mission-focused individuals who are dedicated to creating, preserving and stewarding permanently affordable homes in diverse and mixed-income communities.

There are no opportunities at this time.

Contact CLT

By phone: 604-879-5111
By email:
Mailing address: 220-1651 Commercial Drive,
Vancouver, BC V5L 3Y3

Executive director: Tiffany Duzita