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Complete an Application

When completing your grant application, here are some things to keep in mind.

These points can help ensure that your application sufficiently describes your project and that needed information is provided.

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  • Write using clear and concise language
  • Ensure that the purpose and outcome of your project is described
  • Make sure your application covers the who, what, where, why, when, and how
  • Ensure that your description touches on the impact of your project on the co-op, its members, and sustainability
  • Remember to identify if and how your project will touch on inclusion and accessibility
  • Ask someone else to read over your application and give you feedback
  • Make your project’s goals realistic
  • Ensure that your project fits within the one-year timeline
  • It’s okay if your project finishes early but make sure you’ve allotted enough time to get work done
  • Remember your milestones and quarterly updates
  • Identify the costs that are necessary and reasonable to complete your project
  • It helps to get quotes to confirm costs (especially if a contractor is required)
  • Clearly outline the amount of funding requested for each item (e.g. labour, materials, etc.)
  • When developing a budget, round to whole dollars
  • Keep in mind the overall grant limit
  • A good strategy is to request an amount that is reasonable for your project but does not significantly over- or under-estimate project costs
  • Remember to account for any matching funds or in-kind donations from partners
  • Make sure to track your expenses