CLT’s Commitment to Affordable Passive House Communities in BC

  7 May 2024

Our partners at the Community Land Trust (CLT) are on a mission to expand the number of co-op homes across BC. The CLT is a non-profit society with a purpose is to create, preserve, and steward affordable and inclusive communities that members and residents are proud to call home.

Driving innovation at CLT

CLT’s director of development, Mania Hormozi, is spearheading the effort to forge new partnerships and elevate the team’s skills.

Thanks to Century Group and BlueCity Construction, Mania and her team are undergoing a four-day Passive House course. They’re learning how to construct buildings that reduce carbon footprints, withstand climate change, and lower operating costs. This initiative aligns with CLT’s broader mission of creating safe, secure, and permanently affordable housing.

Passive Housing training

What does Passive House mean?

Passive house communities minimize energy consumption and environmental impact while maximizing comfort and sustainability through innovative design. They prioritize energy efficiency through features like insulation and airtight construction. By reducing heating and cooling demands, these communities lower carbon emissions and offer stable indoor temperatures and superior air quality. Passive house communities represent a forward-thinking approach to residential development, promoting environmental responsibility and enhancing residents’ quality of life.

Passive House project underway

The CLT is currently developing a 17-storey passive house building in downtown Vancouver. The mixed-use development includes 154 residential units and commercial space. It will use less heating and cooling energy than conventional buildings and reducing operating costs. It is built with mass timber, which reduces carbon emissions and reduces the building’s overall carbon footprint.

Construction is expected to be complete in fall 2026

Join the Movement

If you share CLT’s passion for building innovation and climate adaptation, reach out to learn more about joining their team. CLT isn’t just constructing homes—they’re cultivating communities. 🌱