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The name Foundations play on the dual meaning of a (co-op’s) building foundation and ‘foundational’ stories that help to define our movement.

  30 September 2020   

Co-ops resilient in a challenging time

The answer is, it turns out, as varied as our co-op sector. Each co-op, big or small, in the city or suburbs, or with a resident mix of mostly seniors or young families – all had different experiences with the onset of the pandemic. Since the spring, CHF BC has been on hand to support co-ops through the ups and downs of our growing virtual reality, with new online education opportunities and meeting support.

“A lot of the co-ops, especially if they have a strong board or committee structure, were off and running since the spring,” said Ed Dagsaan, CHF BC’s Co-op Services Advisor. “They were able to put up flyers and assist their members, but some co-ops struggled because they didn’t have systems in place to communicate with their members or they just didn’t have the tools to help them. It’s been great for us to be there to advise them with different requirements, how to do meetings, and other issues.”

When the pandemic set in the CHF BC inquiries for support did as well, with member inquiries jumping from 76 in February to 146 in June – a time of ...

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  19 February 2020   

Small can be beautiful

That’s what members of nine Vancouver co-ops discovered at a recent meeting to discuss what it’s like to live in “small-er” co-op communities. The Jan. 25 gathering at Kitsilano Neighbourhood House gave the group of 17 co-op residents a chance to network, learn and tackle questions unique to small co-ops. They even talked about what “small” means, given the diversity of co-ops throughout B.C. and across the country.

There was a lot of enthusiasm and conversation in the room even before the meeting got underway, with co-op members excited to learn about all they shared and hearing solutions to common challenges.

CHF BC staff were on hand to facilitate the discussion, which kicked off with members listing the advantages and challenges of living in their small co-op communities.

From survey results and the in-person discussions, the top challenge noted by members was consistently finding enough members able to take on co-op governance responsibilities. This was especially the case in the smallest co-ops. Participants also noted it could sometimes be d...

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  8 January 2020   

La Petite Maison Co-op cooking happily in new kitchens

The young parents have discovered the safety and familiarity of their Champlain Heights neighbourhood is exactly what they were hoping for to raise their children.

“I grew up around here and went to the high school and I remember all my friends already knew each other – that’s because they all lived in co-ops around Champlain Heights and played together,” said Matt Charan. “It’s a great place to raise a family.’

“We can send our kids outside to play and we don’t have to worry – there are lots of other kids and parents around,” added Erin Charan.

Built in the late 1970s, La Petite Maison Co-op is a 66-unit co-op of two, three and four bedroom townhouses arranged so they all face a wide inner yard with a playground and a large common building for co-op meetings. Mature leafy trees give a rural feel to the setting of this urban co-op.

But the flooring, cabinets and countertops were beginning to show their age, prompting the co-op to look to CHF BC’s Group Buying partners for expertise and cost-savings.

Danube Kitchens offers ...

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  2 January 2020   

Healthy meetings make for healthy co-ops

With clear systems and procedures in place, meetings run smoothly and residents are engaged – making for a positive co-op environment. CHF BC’s new Meeting Tools provides online tools and resources to help your co-op demystify the meeting process, including templates to help you prepare for and manage your meetings.

Your co-op is likely to have several meetings throughout the year to set goals, plan business and keep members informed. It’s important to understand that different types of meetings require different tools, and are governed by certain rules and legal requirements. It’s also important to create an inclusive environment where everyone is encouraged to participate and different opinions are heard and valued – while remaining on topic.

With many different types of meetings it can seem overwhelming to plan and prepare for them in a way that ensures business gets done and requirements are fulfilled. CHF BC has recently launched more than 30 online meeting tool templates to make it easy for directors, staff and chair people to prepare for and operate ...

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