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  10 September 2009   

Co-op Week events in Victoria

A list events organized in Victoria to celebrate Co-op Week from October 11 to 17.

  10 September 2009   

Co-op Week events include

This year, The [BC Co-operative Association] is organizing a number of events during Co-op Week (Oct 11 to 17) to highlight the role of co-ops in providing solutions to the current economic crisis…

  5 July 2009   


I know it looks like the password to a Swiss bank account, but you, or me, for that matter, should be so lucky. It is in fact a skill-testing question. Or perhaps a riddle.
Readers who attended our…

  5 April 2009   

Why can’t we be as capitalist as Hong Kong?

When people make international housing comparisons of the

  12 December 2008   

Co-ops rally in support of threatened Ontario housing co-op

Over 150 people attended a rally on December 3 to support Thornhill Green Housing Co-op, which faces the sales of its assets by York Region

  9 December 2008   

Stephane Dion commits Liberals to green affordable housing investment plan

A busy morning, and one that began at an earlier hour than your correspondent is accustomed to. The phrase back in England is "up with the lark", which just goes to show how often the English get…

  9 November 2008   

Start Your Engines…

So, here we go again. Time flies. Seems like barely two years ago that I was writing… Oh. Wait a minute.
Anyway, the start of a new federal election campaign seems a good time to sit back and…

  9 November 2008   

NDP Housing Forums and Vision Candidates

For your correspondent, a trip to the Heritage Hall on Main St usually means a party

  11 October 2008   

CHF BC launches municipal election backgrounder for co-op members

Municipalities across BC go to the polls on Saturday, November 15. Municipal councils can play a major role in the development of new co-op housing and the preservation of existing co-ops. CHF BC…

  10 October 2008   

Three candidates attend Vancouver Island candidates meeting

The Vancouver Island Meet and Greet election event, hosted by Marigold Housing co-op, brought together 25 members from housing co-ops in Victoria and Esquimalt – Juan de Fuca to hear candidates from…