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  3 June 2010   


CHF BC’s annual general meeting takes place November 29. We’re still looking for election candidates with six board positions and a seat on the Finance Committee up for grabs.

  3 June 2010   

Leaky co-op campaign targets key MPs

The campaign to solve the leaky co-op crisis entered a new phase in April, targeting six BC MPs with a phone blitz geared to getting them to agree to meetings. Check out more info at

  3 June 2010   

BCICS hosting Co-op Conference for Youth in Victoria

The BC Institute of Co-op Studies is hosting “Building Co-op Futures: a forum for young people” May 24-27 at U Vic. Click here for info.

  5 December 2009   


Time flys on the campaign trail and the big day is here already. I hope you are all too busy voting to read this.
I plan to spend the evening in front of the TV watching the results come in and will…

  11 November 2009   

CHF BC seeking nominations for AGM

CHF BC’s annual general meeting is set for Saturday, November 28. Visit the [member meetings area] in the Members Section of our website for candidate orientation packages, nomination forms, and…

  5 November 2009   

BC election housing platforms

CHF BC has summarized the platforms of each of the three major parties on housing.

  5 November 2009   

Musings on styles of politics

The meet and greet at Marigold co-op in Victoria was a great success

  10 September 2009   

Co-op Week events in Victoria

A list events organized in Victoria to celebrate Co-op Week from October 11 to 17.

  10 September 2009   

Co-op Week events include

This year, The [BC Co-operative Association] is organizing a number of events during Co-op Week (Oct 11 to 17) to highlight the role of co-ops in providing solutions to the current economic crisis…

  5 July 2009   


I know it looks like the password to a Swiss bank account, but you, or me, for that matter, should be so lucky. It is in fact a skill-testing question. Or perhaps a riddle.
Readers who attended our…