The Co-op Compass

Use this service to ground decision-making and give your co-op leadership a clear route-map to reach identified co-op goals.

The Co-op Compass is a facilitated process with a number of options so that it can be adapted to your specific needs. A trained Compass Consultant can work with your co-op membership to create a shared mission and vision based on identified values.

View the Co-op Compass Flyer here.

Member feedback:

  • “The Co-op Compass was an eye-opener. It’s amazing how we’re all on the same page now about our future.”
  • “The Co-op Compass was very informative and interesting, I really enjoyed it. Pat is very energised, knowledgeable and friendly”.
  •  “The most valuable thing about the Co-op Compass was getting us to think as a group about what our mission should be”
  •  “The most valuable thing for me was bringing members together to look toward the future”.
  •  “The session was fun and engaging. We could not have done this on our own. Pat kept us moving and the 3 hours flew by”