New video showcases BC’s progress towards “Co-op Housing for All”

  25 January 2024

Our partners at CHF Canada recently launched a new cross-Canada series that highlights progress towards a shared vision of Co-op Housing for All. The first video in this series looks at two of the newest housing co-ops in Canada.

Video Summary

Co-op Housing For All:
Land trust builds new co-op homes in B.C.

Building Thriving Communities in B.C.

This video delves into the heart of the co-operative housing movement in British Columbia. It showcases CHF BC and the Community Land Trust‘s innovative approach to addressing the national housing crisis and making co-op housing accessible to all Canadians. Through the CLT model, they have successfully acquired and constructed 611 new co-operative home since 2018. There are an additional 420 actively under construction.

The Importance of Co-op Housing

Against the backdrop of a 40-year housing crisis, the video underscores the pivotal role that co-op housing plays in providing safe, secure, and perpetually affordable homes. It features the launch of North Arm Housing Co-operative. The full accessible 55+ co-op is located in the heart of the Kensington-Cedar Cottage neighborhood of Vancouver. The video explores how CHF BC and the CLT managed to make it all happen. It outlines key factors contributing to their success.

The video also illustrates how co-ops are more than just buildings. They can create thriving, diverse, and supportive environments. Personal stories from residents highlight the life-changing impact of living in a co-op. These stories emphasize the co-op’s role in transforming lives and fostering a sense of community.

The Community Land Trust Model

The video further highlights how the co-operative housing movement is actively utilizing the community land trust model to acquire and construct thousands of new co-op homes. The CLT approach facilitates meaningful partnerships and breaks down systemic barriers that historically hindered equity-denied groups from accessing co-op homes. By leveraging partnerships and assets, they are not only building homes but actively working towards the goal of co-op housing for all.

Join the movement towards a future where everyone has access to secure and affordable homes.

Watch this video to witness the impact of co-op housing. Share this inspiring story with your friends and neighbours. Be a part of the conversation about creating thriving co-operative communities across the nation.