Winter Weather Reminder

  8 December 2022

It is important that co-ops keep the garbage and recycling area free of snow and ice during the winter and holiday season to avoid any service disruptions. Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Ensure you have enough salt, ice melter, and sand now.
  2. Have shovels ready or hire a company to clear the snow in and around the garbage and recycling areas.
  3. All access (lanes, roads, driveways) need to be clear of snow and ice or trucks cannot safely service the bins
  4. Most municipalities clean the biggest roads first, side streets next, and alleys last. If it’s not done, call the City and make a request to have it cleaned.
  5. If your bins sit in an alley, perhaps work with your neighbors to ensure they are salted before snowfall.
  6. Do not pile snow against garbage or recycling bins – if the driver can’t get to the bins, they can’t be serviced.
  7. If you believe your bins need to be moved to a safer area during the winter, please let me know and I will try to have this arranged for you.
  8. Safety is a priority so make take caution when clearing snow and ice.

The photos below show you what is acceptable and what is not. The bins cannot be moved in heavy snow and can be dangerously slippery if there is ice.