‘Fishing for Stories’ at Co-operative Housing Education Conference October 19

Workshop Intro:

Learn the ancient art of telling stories as a way to get to know your neighbours better and build your co-op community. In this practical workshop you will have fun finding your own stories, learning how to tell them, and discovering how sharing stories helps to strengthen communities. 

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2:30 pm – 4:45 pm

Co-operative Housing Education Conference – Westin Wall Centre, Richmond.

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Workshop Date:

Workshop Location:
Westin Wall Centre, Richmond

Workshop Type:

Workshop Duration:
2.25 Hrs

Melanie Ray


This workshop will start with finding stories and then explore easy ways of learning them – no memorizing! Finding a tale you love and enjoying telling it - the basics of sharing stories to strengthen community. This tale-sharing will cultivate the ability to listen to others, as well as tell your truth. Stories are bountiful, both in number, and in what they give to our lives.

Vancouver-born Melanie Ray chose an acting career at age 18. At 37, she discovered the joys of storytelling and has since done it professionally for 35 years. In B.C. she is known from Victoria to Fort St. John, from the Crows’ Nest Pass to the Yukon border. Her repertoire is filled with the stuff of legend, literature, history, personal stories and, always, her beloved folktales. In 2011 she was honoured for her life’s work with the Storykeeper Award from the Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada.