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  17 January 2018   

Understanding Dementia – Webinar

  18 October 2017   

Co-op housing essentials

  5 June 2017   

Policies that work

Good policies improve everyone’s quality of life and play a big role in the smooth management of a co-op — from parking to painting to arrears collection and more. Bad policies make everyone miserable. Having no policies is a recipe for chaos.This workshop will show you how to use CHF BC’s Co-op Policy Manual to:make … Continued

  5 June 2017   

Dealing with conflicts in co-ops

When asked if they have successfully resolved the majority of member conflicts over the pastthirty years, most co-ops respond with a resounding “No”. The Model Rules 2.0 offers a different approach to resolving disputes in your co-op.  We will explore when to involve the co-op in a dispute and when not to.  We will also look … Continued

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