Active Resilient Communities (ARC) is ready to engage your co-op!

  1 September 2023

We are excited to start offering this program to member housing co-ops across B.C. The Active Resilient Communities (ARC) program is designed to help housing co-op communities come together, develop a clear vision for their future and explore what is needed to make this vision a reality.

What is ARC??

CHF BC’s Active Resilient Communities program provides a series of facilitated conversations and support to help co-ops develop a grounded vision for the future and an action plan to reach that vision. It is a fee-for-service program.

How does it work?

1. Contract (connects to free information session; your co-op and CHF BC will sign a contract) 2. Check (exchange contact information set up website portal; community survey) 3. Visioning (what do you want to achieve in coming years; what are your barriers and objectives?) 4. Focused conversations (facilitated discussions with subjectd-matter experts on key challenges identified by co-op members) 5. Actions/Implementation (how best to make things happen? allocate resources and create timelines) 6. Reporting (Community Vision Framework Report)

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What’s unique about the program?

  • Flexibility: This program has been designed to be flexible for a whole range of co-ops and circumstances. ARC offers a variety of options: virtual sessions, in-person meetings or a combination (hybrid events).
  • Community Collaboration: ARC uses a variety of methods to ensure the community is involved with the program and able to collaborate with each other. These include workshops, drop-in sessions, and online activities. We use digital engagement tools like Kahoot, Miro and SurveyMonkey for members to collaborate and share their opinions. We also offer a website and a phone line to provide information and accept input from members.
  • Exclusive access: Participating co-op’s get their own webpage on the ARC website. This provides members exclusive access to the conversations, ideas, surveys, and photos related to their co-op and its journey with ARC.
  • Member Survey: The first stage of the ARC program is a “Community Check-in.” This includes a survey to understand member concerns, interests, and readiness for ARC. The survey helps the board understand the needs of the co-op community and can guide the directors to plan future actions.
  • Focused Conversations: Based on the challenges and interests identified by members, the ARC team will bring in subject-matter experts for facilitated conversations with community members. These conversations support members in developing informed action plans.
  • Optional Refresher: ARC also offers an optional refresher for co-ops. This allows you to check-in on how the members are feeling about the outcomes of the ARC program It also allows you to determine if any additional support is needed.

 My co-op is interested. What’s next?

If you want to learn more about the program or get a quote, please visit the ARC website. You can also contact the ARC team at 604-343-2352 or We can set up an introductory meeting with the board to discuss next steps. Any CHF BC member co-op can sign up for this service. We’ve started accepting applications from housing co-ops across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island!