ARC launches on Vancouver Island and beyond!

  25 May 2023

CHF BC’s Vancouver Island Council meets three times a year and offers a space for staff and Vancouver Island directors and members to meet and exchange news and information.

Shivani from our Active Resilient Communities (ARC) team joined a recent Council meeting. She shared information on our new program and how it can benefit housing co-op members. The program is soft launching this spring.

About ARC

ARC’s goal is to helping housing co-ops develop clear visions for the future and explore what will be needed to make these visions a reality. We know that co-ops across Vancouver Island and the province are resilient and ready to handle the challenging conversations that can come up when thinking about change.

The ARC program was launched as a pilot about a year ago and completed its testing phase in February 2023. The program is geared up to launch as a standalone service and the great news is that we have already started accepting applications from housing co-ops across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island!

During Shivani’s discussions, participants also got the chance to try out some of the interactive tools the program can offer to further enrich meetings.

Learn more!

You can learn more about the program through the ARC websiteIf you would like more information, please contact the ARC team at 604-343-2352 or