CHF BC welcomes new board members

  28 November 2021

At the Annual General Meeting on November 21, 2021, five directors were acclaimed to fill openings on the CHF BC board including three new directors and two re-elected directors.  The Vancouver Island director was acclaimed at the Vancouver Island Council meeting held in October.

Newly elected directors include Eric Finkel (Marina), Sally Yee (Fraserview), and Val Embree (False Creek). Directors elected for another term were Deanna Overland (Whattlekainum), and Sahara Shaik (Wit’s End). After a year hiatus, Arthur (Art) Farquharson (Seawalk) returned to the board as a Vancouver Island (VI) director.

The following directors are halfway through their two-year term: Anne Davidson (Granville Gardens), Jarrett Hagglund (Emma G), John Bathurst (Misty Ridge), Judy Young (Common Ground), Shannon Sangster (Tyee) – VI Director, Suzann Zimmering (The Manor).

At the close of the meeting, departing directors, Dave Maier (Greenway), Janine Johnston (Fraserview), and Yuri Artibise (Athletes Village) were honoured for their contributions to the board.

Image caption: CHF BC’s new board, from left to right

First row: John Bathurst, Anne Davidson, Val Embree, Art Farquharson, Eric Finkel, Jarret Hagglund
Second row: Deanna Overland, Shannon Sangster, Sahara Shaik, Judy Young, Sally Yee, Suzann Zimmering