Grow your Co-op’s Finances with CHF BC’s Group Buying

  26 July 2023

CHF BC’s Group Buying programs offer significant benefits for our member housing co-ops. By participating in these programs, member co-ops can provide quality co-op housing and services to their members. At the same time you are supporting efforts to increase the capacity of your federation and the broader community housing sector in British Columbia.

Here are two CHF BC Group Buying programs that provide valuable financial services to our members.

Co-op Housing Investment Pool (CHIP)

Join the 190+ other co-ops in B.C. earning higher interest on their bank accounts through the Co-operative Housing Interest Pool (CHIP).

CHIP is one of our most popular services, with more than $190 million in deposits through Vancity, Community Savings, and Coast Capital credit unions. By participating in this program, co-ops can benefit significantly in several ways.

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Benefits of CHIP include:

  1. Higher Interest Rates. CHIP allows member co-ops to earn higher interest on their bank accounts than standard rates. This means that the co-ops can maximize the returns on their reserve and operating funds.. Higher interest rates generate additional income for member co-ops. This enhances their financial stability and ability to provide quality housing and services to members.
  2. Pooling of Funds. CHIP treats participating co-ops savings accounts as if they were pooled together and held by one large depositor. This allows for increased interest rates and benefits for the co-ops involved.
  3. Value for Membership Dues. The extra interest earned by member co-ops through CHIP is often worth more than the annual CHF BC membership dues. In other words, the benefits of participating in CHIP can outweigh the associated costs of being a federation member.
  4. Ready Access to Funds. Individual co-ops easy access to their money in the CHIP accounts. This ensures they can use their funds for various expenses and projects without restrictions.
  5. Independent and Secure Savings. The funds of each co-op remain independent within the CHIP program. Co-ops can keep track of their savings individually while enjoying the benefits of being part of the larger pool.
  6. Support for the Co-op Housing Sector. Participating in CHIP also contribute to the growth and capacity-building of the broader co-op housing community in British Columbia. This collective support can positively impact the overall co-op housing landscape in the region.

Overall, CHIP is a valuable financial tool for CHF BC member housing co-ops. It enables your co-op to strengthen its financial positions, enhance the quality of housing and services you provide to your members, and support the broader co-operative housing community.

Investment Funds

CHIP is a perfect vehicle for the funds you need now, but it’s not a complete financial solution for your housing co-operative. When you’re thinking of longer time horizons, you may want to to explore what Encasa Financial can offer.

Encasa helps non-profit housing providers maximize their returns on capital reserves and operating dollars. The firm was created specifically to manage the investment of capital reserves and other long-term funds for co-ops and non-profit housing providers. As such, it is structured to meet your co-ops needs and interests. If your co-op is looking for investment options with longer time horizons, Encasa may be your best option.

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Encasa highlights include:

  1. Social Purpose. Encasa is a social purpose investment fund manager with a long-standing commitment to Responsible Investing (RI). Its mission is to help non-profit housing providers—including co-ops— achieve their longer term financial goals and support their communities.
  2. Sector Owned. Encasa is owned by four of the leading housing organizations across Canada. This includes CHF BC, CHF Canada, BC Non-Profit Housing Association and Housing Services Corporation. The ownership fully commits to support and invest in the community housing sector.
  3. Tailored for Co-ops. Encasa understands the nature of co-op housing. It’s services and tailored to meet the unique requirements of co-operative housing providers.
  4. Proven Track Record. Encasa has been managing investments for co-op and non-profit housing providers for over a decade. It currently manages over $500 million in assets for over 850 housing providers.
  5. Low Management Fees: Encasa has low management fees. This helps maximize your co-op’s return on investments.
  6. Socially Responsible. Encasa offers a deep-rooted, value-aligned service and products. Their focus is on ethical investments in companies that meet environmental, social and governance standards. These are companies with sound business practices and are well governed. As a result, they generally create better returns for your investments.
  7. Diverse Investment Options. The money invested with Encasa is spread across a wide range of long and short-term investment funds. This diversification can help mitigate risks and optimize returns. It also enables your co-op to address immediate needs like fixing roofs and replacing windows while securing your long-term financial future.
  8. Professional Money Management and Expert Advice. Encasa provides access to professional money management and expert advice. This ensures your co-op’s investments are handled with care and expertise.
  9. Linking Investments with Education and Training. Encasa offers opportunities to link investments with education and training to meet your co-op and your members’ specific needs. This can contribute to the overall growth and development of your co-op.

We’re also investing in ourselves—that’s what’s important. The money is staying in the sector and growing the sector.

Killarney Gardens Housing Co-operative

Please download our Financial Services Info-sheet to share with your board, management, and members. For more information and our other Group Buying programs.

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