Housing Advocates Welcome Report from Burnaby Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing

  29 July 2019

CHF BC Available for Comment

Final Report presented to City Council offers a bold plan to address affordable housing concerns in Burnaby 

VANCOUVER, BC (July 29, 2019) – The Co-op Housing Federation of BC (CHF BC) and BC Non-Profit Housing Association (BCNPHA) applaud the Burnaby Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing for its vision of Burnaby as a community with affordable housing for all citizens.  The Task Force will present its final report to City Council later today following an intensive six-month process of meetings and community consultation.

The Mayor’s Task Force included 18 members, with representation from the community housing sector and housing advocates, local unions, developers, builders, renters and members of Council.  Its final report includes 18 recommendations grouped under four themes:

  • Create Livable Neighborhoods
  • Invest in Housing Partnerships
  • Support Rental Housing and Tenants
  • Promote Innovate Housing Policy and Build Capacity

The Task Force generated short- and long-term recommendations for City Council to consider, with a focus on increasing housing supply, diversity and affordability in Burnaby. The Report includes recommendations to tackle homelessness, protect tenants, create sustainable communities, use City land for affordable housing, build partnerships, and support more affordable rental, ownership and co-op housing options.

“The community housing sector applauds the Mayor’s Task Force for its vision of an affordable housing future for Burnaby,” said Thom Armstrong, Executive Director of the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC and Task Force member. “The Report shines a bright light on what can be done to build a strong housing ecosystem in Burnaby. It’s now up to Council and City staff to turn these ideas into action so we can address the acute shortage of affordable housing options and build a sustainable future for all Burnaby citizens.”

The recommendations advanced by the Task Force were based on its own deliberations and informed by extensive consultation with more than 2,600 Burnaby residents and other key stakeholders.  The entire process was led by the SFU Centre for Dialogue and supported by City of Burnaby staff.  “My hat is off to City staff and the entire SFU Centre for Dialogue team,” added Armstrong.  “This was the most extensive public engagement process in Burnaby’s history, and the leadership and support we received from staff and the SFU team was outstanding.”

Housing Central partners look forward to a lively debate in response to the report and to the full implementation of the Task Force recommendations.  We encourage other cities to follow Burnaby’s lead by engaging citizens and elected officials in a concerted effort to address the housing crisis facing so many communities across the province.

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