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  31 January 2021   


Throughout February the Housing Central partners are celebrating Black History Month by sharing stories of prominent individuals who made a positive impact on our communities – and in the process, helped shape this province and blazed a trail for the Black community. In our first story we are touching on the football fever surrounding a … Continued

  31 January 2021   

Housing Central Celebrates Black History Month

In 2020, we saw a global response to systemic racism that has existed for centuries against Black, Indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC). We were horrified at the events as they unfolded, and many organizations showed their support and issued statements in solidarity and support against systemic racism. At Housing Central, the events compelled us … Continued

  29 January 2021   

Community-Based Tenant Initiative is also for Co-ops

CHF BC was a founding partner in the creation of The Community Housing Transformation Centre. Among other things, the Centre administers funding for co-ops and others to improve member (and tenant) engagement. This year’s funding period will soon end on March 31. Consider making an application under the Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund. The following comes … Continued

  20 January 2021   

Update your information with us

Each January we ask you, CHF BC member co-ops, for you to let us know the best way for us to reach you by mail, email and phone and if anything has changed. We also ask that you take a look at your co-op listing in our co-op directory and make sure it is correct … Continued

  16 January 2021   

CHF BC education committees looking for members

CHF BC’s education committees are looking for members in 2021.  Are you passionate about education for housing co-op members? Would you like to offer your insights and experience to support CHF BC’s education program? CHF BC’s board appoints two education committees, one on the mainland and the other on Vancouver Island. The education committees: Review … Continued

  15 January 2021   

Meeting Supports to Help Your Co-op

CHF BC’s Meeting Support Services team continues to expand. With so many requests from members, we’ve added to the team of hosts, technical support people and election support people to meet the demand from members. CHF BC’s Co-op Services participated in more than 100 meetings in 2020.  Already, we’re on track to support more than … Continued

  14 January 2021   

Property Assessments 2021 (Feb 1)

IMPORTANT: if you want to preserve your right to appeal your assessment, the deadline is February 1. If there is any chance you will want to dispute your assessment, you should contact BC Assessment before the end of the month. COVID drives more of the process online. NOTE: As it did last year, AEC Property Tax … Continued

  13 January 2021   

City of Vancouver Lease Update – Council Meeting Delayed

Before the year-end break we told you that we would be working diligently with City of Vancouver staff in the hope that Council might be in a position to approve a new co-op lease framework at its meeting on February 10. Last Friday we met with our City partners and agreed that a consensus was … Continued

  7 January 2021   

A Century of Co-operation: Ruth McGibbon, “Community spirit is alive and well!”

Ruth joined the Vancouver East Housing Co-op in 1997 after being on the waiting list for three months. She’d grown up in Vancouver, spent some years in California after high school, and had worked there at a feminist women’s health centre and for an alcohol abuse program for the LGBTQ community in Santa Ana. “Community … Continued

  7 January 2021   

Rebates for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

More and more people are looking at electric vehicles (EVs) for reduced environmental impact and other benefits. It’s still a challenge to develop the infrastructure to support those vehicles, but there is a short-term incentive program to help get you EV Ready that we’d like to highlight. In December 2020, the BC Government announced new … Continued