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  28 November 2021   

CHF BC welcomes new board members

At the Annual General Meeting on November 21, 2021, five directors were acclaimed to fill openings on the CHF BC board including three new directors and two re-elected directors.  The Vancouver Island director was acclaimed at the Vancouver Island Council meeting held in October. Newly elected directors include Eric Finkel (Marina), Sally Yee (Fraserview), and … Continued

  28 November 2021   

CHF BC second virtual AGM was a success

CHF BC held its 39th annual AGM on November 21, 2021. The two-hour meeting attracted over 100 participants, including 55 delegates, to our virtual platform. President Suzann Zimmering presented the board report reviewing the achievements of CHF BC’s group of social enterprises over the past year. During her remarks, Suzann outlined three strategic priorities for … Continued

  24 November 2021   

CHF Canada’s response to the 2021 Speech form the Throne

On November 22, 2021, the Governor General delivered the Speech of the Throne outlining the recently re-elected Liberal government’s new priorities. Coincidentally, it was also National Housing Day, which put a lot of focus on the new government’s commitment to affordable– and cooperative–housing. Here is what our partners at CHF Canada had to say about … Continued

  23 November 2021   

Truth, Reconciliation and Decolonization

CHF BC enjoyed another successful AGM this past weekend (Sunday, November 21). Members carried out the regular business of a general meeting and several delegates were fortunate to receive prizes in the numerous draws made possible by group buying and other partners. But for many, the highlight of the day was the Keynote Presentation made … Continued

  10 November 2021   

2021 Annual General Meeting – Special Keynote Speaker

CHF BC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), will be conducted online, on Sunday, November 21, 2021. We are excited to announce that this year’s keynote features Diana Day, Lead Matriarch at the Pacific Association of First Nations Women, an organization whose vision is a matriarchal community where all Indigenous women in B.C. are safe and respected, … Continued

  9 November 2021   

Winter Learning!

Welcome to the Winter Learning series. Whether you’re interested in best practices for your co-op in our What Makes a Good Board workshop or looking to learn more about the broader co-operative sector with Co-ops 101,  you’ll find our virtual education sessions engaging and practical. Here are the sessions we have lined up for January … Continued

  9 November 2021 launches — Thanks CHTC for funding for ARC

We’re happy to report that, the website supporting the new ARC program (active resilient communities), is up and running. ARC is built on the successes seen through the Co-op Compass and Co-op Café (based on the World Café method). It’s a comprehensive program that helps member co-ops create a shared vision for their future, … Continued

  9 November 2021   

Interest Rates Likely to Rise

Co-ops carry debt for a few reasons: they may still be paying off their original mortgages for construction and land acquisition; they may be borrowing to secure a new lease; or they may undertake significant capital renewals (like new envelopes or parkade membrane replacements) that trigger borrowing. Whatever the reason for having debt, interest rate … Continued

  6 November 2021   

Together, let’s make #HousingCentral

BCNPHA’s latest edition of infoLINK – Housing Central Conference Special Edition is packed with exciting information about our upcoming conference! You’ll find helpful tips to make your #HousingCentral networking a success, a feature story on by Art Expo curator Robi Smith, a celebration of the Aboriginal Housing Management Association’s 25th anniversary, guidelines for retrofit success … Continued

  29 October 2021   

Introducing ARC

CHF BC is excited to announce ARC — active resilient communities — a new program to assist our members. Housing co-ops do a do a great job of providing safe, secure, affordable homes and giving members a voice in the big decisions affecting their communities. Co-ops look after the day-to-day collection of housing charges, are … Continued