Group buying leverages the power of collective purchasing to provide services and products at reduced cost to individual housing co-ops. This means that we all save more together.


CHF BC's group buying program uses the combined buying power of our member co-ops to save you money and guarantee a high level of quality and service.

Our Group Buying Program cover a wide range of products and services, including investments, banking, appliances, recycling, telecom, and more. Suppliers partnering with CHF BC have demonstrated long-term commitment to the sector, and the programs not only offer savings and discounts but also empower members to make informed decisions that enhance their quality of life in the co-op.

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Group Buying Benefits

Our direct relationship with our suppliers means that you have peace of mind that CHF BC works on your behalf to ensure high quality, fair pricing, and good customer service.

We conduct an in-depth review with each Group Buying partner every three years. This is done to ensure competitive pricing, fair labour practices and their alignment with our values, as well as proper liability insurance and Work Safe certification. We also ensure that all our partners are committed to providing dependable, environmentally sustainable, high-quality products and services.

This comprehensive process goes above and beyond the CMHC and BC Housing’s three-quote requirement. This means that co-ops don’t have to request estimates and vet suppliers.

Beyond saving money, there are several reasons to use our Group Buying Program:

  • Proven track record: CHF BC has been delivering programs designed to harness the combined buying power of its members for more than 40 years.
  • No requirement to obtain three quotes: Our process meets CMHC and BC Housing’s three-quote requirement, meaning co-ops don’t have to request estimates and vet suppliers.
  • Insurance Coverage: All our partners are covered by WorkSafe BC and relevant liability insurance policies.
  • Safety Net: You have a safety net for purchases, such as enhanced product and labour warranties
  • Dedicated staff: Our dedicated group buying staff are the first point of contact for our members and for our partner service providers. They are happy to assist with any aspect of the Group Buying Process.
  • Project Management: CHF BC offers support in managing projects, big or small.
  • Peace of Mind: CHF BC stands behind the products and work of our Group Buying Partners. If a problem arises you have peace of mind that you can contact us to resolve it.

Member Economic Participation

By using your co-op's money wisely, you also take care of your members — yet another way housing co-ops put people first.

One of the seven international co-operative principles is member economic participation.  This means that co-op members engage fully with their co-op, contributing financially to their co-op and sharing in the benefits of membership.

Using our Group Buying Program is one of the best ways member co-ops can participate economically in your federation and save money in your day-to-day operations.



Here are a couple of answers to frequently asked questions about our Group Buying Program.

Can CHF BC’s suppliers manage large projects?

Yes, we can.

  • We have managed many large flooring, bathroom and cabinet projects in large co-ops.
  • Our maintenance and hardware program has completed two large fencing projects on Vancouver Island. In addition, Trail Appliances has provided appliances in large co-ops such as First Avenue Athletes Village, and will provide appliances to new development sites.
  • Danube Kitchens has installed quartz countertops and cabinets in large installation projects like at La Petite Maison.
  • CD Contract successfully completed a large flooring installation project in Burnaby and received excellenet feedback from the co-op. No matter how large a project, CHF BC’s flooring program has you covered.

Does our co-op have to collect three quotes as per CMHC and BC Housing requirements?

Because we research and identify the best options when we choose partners, co-ops using CHF BC Group Buying partners are exempt from CMHC and BC Housing three quote bid requirements.

Relax,  we’ve already done the work for you!

Sustainability Matters

Our team is committed to getting excellent value in superior sustainable products and quality of services for our housing co-ops.

A green house icon with a leaf cutout in the middle.We believe that quality over price is always the sustainable choice. Instead of choosing cheaper options which can cost more in the long run, CHF BC members who use our Group Buying Program are receiving quality products at fair and reasonable prices. This is because the companies we select have been pre-screened by our staff, with housing co-ops all over BC using their services.

Questions? Ask Us!

If you have any questions about our Group Buying partners or the services they provide, please ask us!

Our Commercial Services Director, Arnold Sang, and the rest of our Group Buying team can be reached at asang@chf.bc.ca or 604-879-5111 / 1-866-879-5111 Ext. 138.