Welcoming New Members: Best Practices in Member Selection and Orientation

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2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Housing co-ops are diverse communities. Find out strategies for member selection and orientation to make co-ops more welcoming and engaging.

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2.0 Hrs

Michael Rogers (CHF BC) and Ed Dagsaan (CHF BC)


Search. Find. Orientate. Educate. Participate. The process of member selection is complicated! Join us in considering good and better ways to go about welcoming new members and creating a sense of belonging.


Michael Rodgers, Co-op Services Director, CHF BC

Michael is the Co-op Services Director at CHF BC and a staff representative on the Climate Emergency Task Force. With a broad-based background that includes degrees in law and experience helping a leaky co-op tackle building envelope issues, he is well positioned to assist housing co-ops as they prepare for the future.

Ed Dagsaan, Co-op Services Advisor, CHF BC

Ed works as CHF BC’s Co-op Services Advisor providing advice and guidance to boards and members. He is involved in developing CHF BC’s resources and initiatives that strengthen co-op communities. Ed brings his experience overseeing and managing a portfolio of housing co-ops in Ontario to his work at CHF BC. With knowledge in building management, supporting board governance through training and planning, and engaging communities, Ed advises co-ops on best practices in governance and management.

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