launches — Thanks CHTC for funding for ARC

  9 November 2021

We’re happy to report that, the website supporting the new ARC program (active resilient communities), is up and running.

ARC is built on the successes seen through the Co-op Compass and Co-op Café (based on the World Café method). It’s a comprehensive program that helps member co-ops create a shared vision for their future, and a plan achieve it.

ARC is in the testing phase now and consists of a series of structured sessions to support housing co-ops with their planning processes and pave the way for improved digital facilitation, engagement, and collaboration. Client co-ops will also have the opportunity to choose topic-specific sessions that explore particular issues members care about, including renewal vs redevelopment, environmental sustainability, aging in community, diversity and inclusion, and conflict resolution.

Members can work with ARC in their own ways, whether from home or wherever they can find time to connect. With on-line real-time meetings, a website and phonelines, we’ve tried to create tools and support platforms to make contributing as easy as possible so that everyone can be heard in co-op decision-making.

We are looking forward to launching the first pilots for the Active Resilient Communities program soon. Follow us @chfbc on Twitter and @coophousing on Facebook so you don’t miss important updates about this exciting endeavor.

Thank you again to the Community Housing Transformation Centre for Sector Transformation Funding that helped make this possible.  You can learn more about the important work that The Centre does at